As we are living today in a rapid changing business environment where the idea of working for a certain company doesn’t mean having all employees working in the same building inside offices located…

API Development and Integration

Our application development service is one of the first of its kind in the Cisco industry. Our deep partnerships with Ciscos’ solutions like Cisco Webex teams and Cisco DevNet team make us one of the premier developers…


At Twassol; we unite our clients existing IT systems with the latest IT structural design while keeping an insight on their businesses ultimate objectives and policies.

Network Security

Recognizing the danger before it occurs is our strategy to provide the most secured network to our clients. We do our best to anticipate any threats on our network which enable us to design a secure…

Digital Workspaces

Today’s technology opens a various number of doors to explore new opportunities that allow any company to renovate their existing infrastructure to become in line with all the developments…


As remote jobs becoming more popular every day; the necessity to hold up meetings and video conferences no matter where the employees are based became crucial more than it ever was…

Professional Services

With years of experience in providing professional services to multiple organizations from all different business industries…

Data Center

We help you to protect your data by building the required data center that can match your exact business.




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