Room builder

Riyadh Boardroom for up to 20 People

Riyadh Board Room with all in one Cisco Room70 G2 with dual screen solution, with integrated powerful sound system and 70” dual screens. For a local presentation, a dedicated control panel puts the power into the hands of the presenter. A confidence monitor allows the presenter to see exactly what the room is seeing (meaning no more looking at the presentation back half the time). For remote participants, a back camera with presenter track let them experience the presentation like they are physically in the room.

Jeddah meeting room with up to 14 people

The Jeddah Conference room with Webex Roomkit+ is the perfect choice for a video unit that includes 4 cameras with Speaker Track, perfect experience with auto wake up, speakers, and touch control.

Makkah huddle room for up to 4 – 5 People

The new Cisco room kit mini features an integrated 4K camera with 120 degrees field of view and can turn almost any space into productive space with very affordable price.

Dubai Meeting room up to 10

The Dubai Meeting Room with all in one Room kit 70 with single screen, full sound system and speaker track 4K camera provides the maximum functionality in compact packages unit, it comes with floor-standing or wall-mounted options. The touchscreen control panel makes it simple to use.

Damam meeting room for rooms up to 8 people

Damam meeting room with room 55 all in one unit for presentation and video conferencing that has a 55″ screen, 4K speaker track camera, mics, touch control and speakers, it can be ordered with wheel based for easy moving between rooms or Floor-standing or wall-mounted.

Madina meeting room for rooms up to 7 people

The room kit can incredibly perform every task you need: video conferencing, sharing content, active speaker tracking and remote & local presentations with very affordable price.

Quite/ Focus rooms

Turn any space into a conference space. Featuring all-in-one Cisco DX80 endpoint, which is a multifunction device that can be phone, personal TelePresence video end point and screen for your laptop.

Najran Briefing room for up to 24 people

Imagine an AV system capable of performing every task you need: video conferencing, sharing content, active speaker tracking, remote and local presentations. The Cisco Webex Room Kit Pro provides a powerful and flexible platform for creating the ultimate video collaboration experience – large, custom video rooms, including boardrooms, auditoriums, and purpose-built rooms for vertical applications.

Abha Content creation Collaboration room

All your AV system needs right inside the new Webex Board – an interactive touch screen that is your display and controller all-in-one. Video conferencing, sharing content, active speaker tracking, remote and local presentations, collaborative whiteboard are just a touch away in these Abha creation rooms.