API Development and Integration

We develop API integrations, which customize and integrate the regular Cisco solutions and make it specialize to your organization, by doing that we help your organization to go extra step ahead than other, to connect, solve your challenges and change the experience of your customers.

Our Developments and integration services can help you:

  • To Build AI chatting bots (customer service bots, survey, room booking, stock inventory, and much more)
  • Adding Finesse gadgets to the Finesse Agent Desktop,
  • Integrate automation systems with Cisco video conferencing, so you can control lights, room temperature, curtains, inputs sources, order drinks & coffee all from the Cisco touch 10.
  • Embed video calls and messaging natively in to your website or mobile app, which can change the customer experience.
  • Start teams’ spaces and bring all the required people automatically when there are any issues that require a fast attention from a required team.
  • Integrate your security system and make it as IoT device where it can instruct the light to turn on or your digital signage to change when someone pass by.
  • Integrate webex meeting with your LMS and open virtual classes from the LMS directly.
  • Integrate webex teams with school system & LMS so it can help the teachers and students to be connected all the times.
  • Integrate your security system with your point of sale system to make it store the video of each transaction, so you can see what exactly happen automatically.
  • Automate your network so you can focus on other tasks and make your life easier
  • And much more …