About us

Technology can do more than keep your everyday business running smoothly. It can drive your success.

Twaasol was founded to be a world class technology company that focus on integrated and connected solutions that enables organizations to solve their most challenging problems and achieve extraordinary success.

We are passionately dedicated to professionalism, ethical practices and client’s satisfaction and success. Our people are professional technologist and visionaries whom are aspired to be part of something bigger than simply being an IT solution provider. We are agents of positive change who act dynamically and innovatively according to the changing Information Ecosystem of today. We are to transform the use of IT in the country to leverage technology for more efficient business and ultimately revolutionize the concept of Information being used in the business.

Our experience center is used for product demonstrations, proofs of concept and innovation. The technology products and platforms in our labs are quite impressive, but the engineering talent that works side by side with our customers and partners is what drives the real innovation.
The experience center environment creates a multiplier effect of knowledge, speed and agility that benefits our customers anytime, anywhere.


To Make an impact to our future on how we work, learn and live.


Our mission is to make an impact to our future thru using the latest integrated solutions to create unprecedented value and opportunities for all of us.