Making visual communications and collaboration productive and enjoyable.

As remote jobs becoming more popular every day; the necessity to hold up meetings and video conferences no matter where the employees are based became crucial more than it ever was. Providing audio and visual communication to guarantee the effectiveness of having long distance meetings and conferences with the highest quality of picture and sound is what we at Twaasol accomplish best.

At Twaasol we have collaboration and A/V experts who understand this key tenet and work with our customers in developing a simplified & reliable experience for their corporate room needs.

With professionally designed and constructed meeting spaces, idea sharing and collaboration don’t have to be negatively impacted due to mobility and globalization of business. We offer standardization, simplification, high quality video and a superior end-user experience. We specialize in the design and configuration of the following room profiles:

  • Executive Board Room
  • Training Room
  • Large Conference Room
  • Medium Conference Room
  • Small Conference / Huddle Room

Telepresence: Next level video conferencing

Telepresence is the most natural video communications available; it’s a fully immersive, true to life collaboration experience, enabling you to bring your team together in a well-appointed room for face-to-face meetings. The technology is simple to use and fades into the background to allow you to focus on the meeting.

Remove geographic barriers. Telepresence powers the new way of working, where everyone, everywhere can be more productive through high-definition face-to-face collaboration. We offer the most comprehensive portfolio of telepresence solutions available, which helps promote business growth, innovation and productivity as well as accelerates team performance and speeds decision making.